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Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    7 Reasons Why HatsOffHair is the Hair Replacement System for you!

    1) Why are your prices so reasonable? My salon charges three times as much!

    We buy directly from the factory and sell directly to you. You arenít paying for salon overhead or expensive advertising campaigns.

    2) What about quality?

    No one has better hair or better quality control. We demand the best because my clients deserve the best!

    3) How can I get a custom-fit if Iím buying over the Internet?

    Our state-of-the-art website takes you step-by-step through the entire process. Itís simple and the results are guaranteed!

    4) Iím not a professional. How can I possibly attach, remove and maintain my hair system by myself?

    Itís easy to learn, but your salon doesnít want you to know that. They make big bucks month after month doing the same thing you can do at home. We have all the products (and instructions) youíll need, and you wonít believe how much money youíll save!

    5) My salon has me on a program where I get a new hair system every 2 months!

    If they were selling high quality products, you wouldnít need a new hair system every month or two. Your salon makes a bundle selling disposable hair systems! Our hair systems last twice as long and look twice as good.

    6) Tell me about Hair Grafts, Non-Surgical Hair Fusion, Matrix Hair, Scalp Fusion, Single-Strand Integration, etc.?

    These hi-tech names mean nothing. Itís all nonsense. These names were invented to convince you that ďDealer AĒ has some super-duper, hi-tech product that ďDealer BĒ hasnít got. There is no hair system material or design that our factory does not make. In addition, our factory has an excellent Research and Development Department. They are constantly working on new methods, designs and products. One example is our French lace, which is superior to every other version of French lace on the market..

    7) Can I really get a hair system overnight?

    Yes! We maintain a large inventory of hair systems that are the same high quality as my custom units. If we have your hair color in stock (and we probably do), order by 3:00 p.m. and you will have your new hair system by 3:00 p.m. the following day (US clients only).

    Select your hair replacement system now!


    You can always refer to our extensive ďFrequently Asked QuestionsĒ section if you need more information. If you donít find your answers there, contact us directly at bob@hatsoffhair.com.


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