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Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair Hats Off Hair
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Bob, before and after
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Some "Sneak Peeks" from our customer gallery! Click here to see more!

Will is wearing his new STOCK hairpiece just as it was delivered - it hasn't been cut or styled. It is attached with Non-Residue tape.

This stock women's hairpiece has not been cut or styled and it still looks terrific!

This is the only professionally-taken picture in the gallery.  David is a professional singer (he’s VERY talented!).  This pic was taken for the cover of one of his CD’s. Believe it or not, he is wearing a STOCK hair system!
Isn’t Mike’s hairline amazingly natural? He’s a middle-aged guy and this hairline is very age-appropriate. This is not a re-touched picture. 
MB - Before
MB - After
MIB: Also known as "Michigan Baldy."

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We’ve made it easy for you to order your custom hair system in just 3 steps:

  1. Click on Base Designs to design your Base.
  2. Click on “Hair Styles & Choices” to make your Hair Choices.
  3. Click on “Place Your Order” to enter your choices and place your order.

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You can always refer to our extensive “Frequently Asked Questions” section if you need more information. If you don’t find your answers there, contact us directly at bob@hatsoffhair.com.


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